Club Annual General Meeting

October 19 2021, 7:30pm

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Bendigo University Althetics Club

The Bendigo University Athletics Club is a family friendly running club. Members span a wide range of ages, abilities and commitment. There is much more information about the club here

The main focus of the clubs organisational capabilities is the Winter Cross Country season. Each Saturday at 2pm, between 100 and 200 people gather in various bush settings in Bendigo area to run and have afternoon tea

The club is affiliated with Athletics Bendigo and Athletics Victoria which is a pathway for humble people from Bendigo who might take some of the steps required to go some of the way to the Olympics.

As well as the Club Runs, many members compete in the wider athletic community competitions organised by Athletics Bendigo and Athletics Victoria and many others, even if they realise the Olympics might be a little out of reach.

Many of us concentrate on the Afternoon Tea.