Course Description – Sandhurst Slog

Nigel Preston

Prepared by David Heislers.

The Long Course (7.0km) is a loop.

The Medium (3.2km) and Short (1.1km) distances are out and back courses. These are extended a little longer than their nominal distances in order to capture obvious turn-around points.

Start/Finish Location:

On broad gravel landing, adjacent (west of) Read Lane, off Kangaroo Gully Rd.

Start line is about 60m west off the bitumen (note group of 3 trees on right).

Long course (7.0km):

Head west along gravel road (Apeline Track).

At 1.1km veer left at fork, a further 120m will see you merge onto the bitumen of Reservoir Rd.

Continue along the undulating bitumen until the 2.9km mark on a sharp rise(reservoir wall becomes visible). Just beyond the steel inspection tanks turn left (east) onto the gravel road.

A further 300m along (@ 3.2km) you hit the reservoir fence line. Follow the narrow 4WD track that emerges and runs parallel to the fence (no need to ram the gate to enter the reservoir reserve!)

200m further along the track crosses beneath the powerlines (@ 3.4km).

Continue another 100m (3.5km) and turn sharp left (south) along the main track, leaving the fenceline.

Now enjoy the best part of the run. A windy undulating route at the top of the course that eventually straightens and gradually descends. Occasionally you will see a channel on your right, the simple rule to remember is to never cross it.

At 4.6km you come to a channel crossing. Ignore this and continue straight ahead. As well as always leaving the channel on your right side, from here it will be common to see the yellow-topped Goldfields Track markers. Just follow these all the way down.

At the 4.9km mark continue on the main track (ignore the Channel Track diversion that veers off to the right and that would buy you a few extra seconds!)

At 5.0km the track starts to veer a bit more easterly. Do not deviate from the main obvious track, you will be assisted by the arrow directions on those yellow-topped posts.

At 5.9km you come to ‘stump corner’. Watch your step and take the sharp downhill left hander (do not cross the channel at this junction!)

From here it’s a fast downhill all the way back home. It’s obvious, but at 6.7km you exit the forest and turn right onto the home straight to the finish.

Medium course (3.2km):

Head west on gravel road (Apeline Track)

Cross the creek line and at 100m turn left up the 4WD track into the forest (before the powerline easement).

The track is clearly demarcated, it starts as a steady then gradually steepening climb.

Just after the 1km mark is the sharp, uphill right hand bend of ‘stump corner’ (keep your eyes open – more than one person has continued straight through and crossed the channel!)

Continue along the meandering, occasionally steep track to the turnaround at 1.6km. This is at the top a T-junction also marked by a yellow-topped sign.

Retrace your steps – remembering to navigate (carefully) around ‘stump corner’.

Short course (1.1km):

Head west on gravel road (Apeline Track)

Cross the creek line and at 100m turn left up the 4WD track into the forest (before the powerline easement).

The track is clearly demarcated and maintains a slightly uphill grade

At 400m follow the meander of the 4WD track (it’s easy to make the decision to cut through on the goat single track!)

The turn-around is at about 550m, marked by the yellow-topped post.

Retrace your steps, refraining from the lure of the goat track shortie!