Course Description – Kangaroo Flat Flat

Nigel Preston

Prepared by David Lonsdale.

How to get there

Drive up Collins St Kangaroo Flat heading west. Drive off the bitumen past the factories and into the bush.
After several hundred metres you will come to a bridge over the water race. Park here next to the bridge.

8km Start/Finish Location:

As you face the bridge or stand on the bridge looking away from Bendigo there is a large ironbark about 10m away the on your left near the water race (the flash of light on the photo points to the tree).
This is the start/finish point.

Long Course – 8 km

From the tree run out onto Collins Street / Bullock Track and head down the hill into the bush (away from the direction you came).
After about 1km you will go past an old weatherboard house in a clearing.
Continue on the track which goes back into the bush.
At about the 1.3km mark you come to a crossroad with a good track coming in from the right and crappy track on the left.
Continue straight ahead. You are on Bullock Track if you want to check any maps.

At about the 2k mark you will come to large intersection. Tracks are very wide drivable. Veer left. This is Browns Reef Road. There is a green vertical timber sign on the right next to a tree (is hard to spot).
You meander through a flat bit of bush for about 200 metres then go uphill for almost 1 km.
There is a Strava segment on this climb.

Continue on Browns Reef Road going up and down and winding around until you come to Lockwood Road. Run around the big gum tree and signs about 20m from the road and go back the way you came. Browns Reef Road is quite a good smooth track.

At about the 6m mark you veer right off Browns Reef Road down a lesser trail. There is a timber Bendigo Bushland Trail marker set in the ground on the left opposite to the turn. You can see it in this photo.
The turning point is about 50m before you go back down the steep part of Browns Reef Road.

After about 100m down this trial you should see the water race on your right.
Follow the trail which gets quite technical and rocky. Should be able to see the water race easily.

At about 6.7km you run down into a wide flattish area with trails going in about 4 directions.
You need to do a gentle right turn and run up a steep pinch for about 60m near to the paddock on the right. Ignore trails on your left going into the old quarry area and bush next to it. You should find the water race (which goes undergound for a short section) right in front of you. Photo below shows the correct trail next to the big gum tree in the centre of the photo. You will have phone reception here if you want to check.

Follow the water race back to the start finish line. The trail is directly beside the water race the whole way. and it is a good trail.

3km & 1km Courses:

From the gum tree head south on the trail beside the water race.

Keep an eye on your watch. There is a pile of stones at the 500m turn around.

The 3km course continues on beside the water race then the trail veers right over a steep pinch where the water race goes underground.
Run about 50m down the trail and then veer left. You should be able to see the water race on your left and a paddock beyond that.
Do not go on the trails to your right or straight ahead.

The trial gets a bit technical & rocky here. (Although not so bad that Nigel Preston didn’t once drive a Daewoo Lanos down it with his boys on board in the rain).
The turnaround is marked by a small cairn next to the track about 200m along.
Return the way you came.