Sandhurst Slog

Saturday 2 June 2018 at 2:00 pm

This race was ran in 2012 as the end of year Mystery Run and has since been a regular fixture for yearly aggregate points.

Kangaroo Flat
From Hattam St. Golden Square travel south on Woodward Road then Diamond Hill Road. Turn right into Kangaroo Gully Road and continue 500m to Read Lane on the left. From Kangaroo Flat, heading along Allingham Street (changes to Kangaroo Gully Road), continue 2.5km south from intersection of Chapel Street to Read Lane on the right. Read Lane, Kangraroo Flat
Race Distances
1km, 3km, and 7km
Course Setter
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Past Handicap Winners

Year Long (7.0km) Medium (3.0km) Short (1.0km)
2017 FRances Walsh Philip Shambrook April Wainright
2016 Anne McIntosh Tullie Cripps Geoffrey Robinson
2015 Sue Condon Leah Cripps George Pitson
2014 Tracie Gleisner Tim Creer Toby McCaig
2013 Mark Saxon Imogen Thompson Oscar Terry

Fastest Times - Long Course

Year Male Time Female Time
2017 Michael Bieleny 26:44.1 Sarah Jalim 28:29.5
2016 Rik McCaig 26:32.9 Sarah Jalim 29:20.1
2015 Fraser Walsh 24:01 Rebecca Wilkinson 30:28
2014 Andy Buchanan 23:08 Georgie Lanyon 33:08
2013 Lee McCullagh 26:00 Rebecca Tweed 29:25

Long Course Map

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Medium Course Map

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