Mandurang Meander

Saturday 24 March 2018 at 2:00 pm

This race was ran in 2009 as the end of year Mystery Run and has since been a regular fixture for yearly aggregate points.

Mandurang Cricket Ground
Travel South out Mandurang Rd, continue on to Faderson’s Ln and over Nankervis Rd. Turn right into cricket ground.
Nankervis Rd & Fadersons Ln, Mandurang
Race Distances
1km, 3km, and 6.5km
Course Setter

Past Handicap Winners

Year Long (6.5km) Medium (3.0km) Short (1.0km)
2017 Brian Watson Max Rowe April Wainwright
2016 Paul Lomax Tim Creer Quinlan Cody
2015 Harry Terry Jasmine Rielley Oliver Sanderson
2014 Lee McCullagh Luke Creer Jesse Brook
2013 Jodie Giles Imogen Douglass Macey O’Shea
2012 Fraser Walsh Tracie Gleisner Albert Cordell
2011 Genevieve Green Joanne Weatherhead Tara Anderson
2010 Paul McMahon Joseph Baldwin Eliza Christie
2009 Brad Russell David Tarrant Brayden Roberts

Fastest Times - Long Course 6.5km

Year Male Time Female Time
2017 Fraser Walsh 22:04 Sarah Jalim 26:16.7
2016 Rik McCaig 24.59 Sarah Jalim 27:05.0
2015 Andrew Buchanan 20:30.2 Ingrid Douglass 29:54.2
2014 Andrew Buchanan 21:32 Lisa Wilkinson 30:36
2013 Fraser Walsh 22:50 Rebecca Tweed 27:28

Fastest Times - Long Course 6.2km

Year Male Time Female Time
2012 Richard Gleisner 21:25 Rebecca Tweed 24:29
2011 Michael Bieleny 22:17 Rebecca Tweed 25:00
2010 Andrew Buchanan 21:12 Erica Wilkinson 27:24

Long Course Map

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Medium Course Map

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