Winter is Coming

The Winter Program is set is stone (as far as possible, Terms and Conditions apply). Start to get your cold weather gear out of the cupboard, and look at some 8k specific cross country training plans. Practice your afternoon tea recipies. See if your sandwiches can become king!

Woo Hoo

Olympic Year

The club is affiliated with Athletics Victoria. Athletics Victoria is affiliated with the Athletics Australia, and then its only one degree of seperation to the International Olympic Committee. Get into training and show your support for our world class athletes. Strong local competitions lead to more world class athletes. Every little bit counts.

Tokyo 2020

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The club membership year runs from March 1 each year. Now is the to join up for another fun filled year of running excitement. New runner and old and new members and old are all welcome to participate in the thriving winter cross country season, and then to stick around for the track season.

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Recent Running News

Gold Coast Marathon

Thursday 7 July 2016

Congratulations to all our Gold Coast runners in various events at the Gold Coast Marathon Festival. Conditions were picture perfect according to my insider...

Bendigo Park Run first birthday

Thursday 7 July 2016

This weekend marks Park run first birthday run at Kennington reservoir for the usual 5km event, commencing at 8 sharp. We noted how well the BUAC crew did l...

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FAQ for new Members

Useful information for new and old runners alike.