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Glen Allen

Saturday 11 August 2018
David Lonsdale

Running this week is the ‘other’ Aths Bendigo Invitation event the Glen Allen Memorial. New venue this year at the Woodvale Reserve (same venue as South Bend...


Wednesday 8 August 2018
David Lonsdale

This week’s run is a BUAC club run:- ‘Notley’s Noodle’. Invented by President Ross a year or 2 back this has an 11.5km long course and 4.5km medium course wi...

Harriers Invite

Thursday 26 July 2018
David Lonsdale

This week’s running is the Harriers Invitation. It’s the usual location at Mandurang South Pony Club. Head out through Spring Gully on Sedgwick Road, turn ri...

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