Club and Speed Champion Scoring System

The following information explains how the points are allocated in the two main championship events held each year.

Club Champions

The Club Champion award is designed to reward dedication and steady improvement throughout the year. Because of the handicapping system, the Club Champion is not necessarily the fastest runner in the club, or the one who runs the most kilometres in a week, or even the one that gets the most ribbons throughout the year, it normally goes to the person who trains steadily, attends the majority of club runs and achieves consistent top twenty placings. Here’s how it works:

  Long Medium Short
Place Points Points Points
1st 60 40 40
2nd 55 35 35
3rd 50 30 30
4th+ 50 minus your position 30 minus your position 30 minus your position

Your first run for the season this year is counted in the aggregates if you are a returning member with a handicap. If it is your first race at a new distance, your are ineligible for points until the following race when a handicap will be established.

Only the best 10 of all eligible races are counted. So if you have a shocker or two, or can’t make it to every race, you have a chance to redeem yourself. Only runners that have competed more than once will appear on the leader board.

Speed Champions

The Speed Champion aggregate recognises the fastest runners at the club over the year. Although the club’s purpose is not necessarily to train runners to an elite level, it’s good to see who is running fast regardless of the handicapper’s time penalties. Here’s how the aggregate system works:

  Long Medium Short
Place Points Points Points
1st 20 20 20
2nd 19 19 19
3rd 18etc. 18etc. 18etc.
21st+ 0 0 0

The Speed Aggregate is based on points and it’s your best 7 races as far as points that count, not necessarily your seven fastest times.