Course Description – Rocky Rises


From Olympic Parade Maiden Gully (just opposite Wicks Road) turn west into Rocky Rises Road & travel 2.5km until it ends. You will come to a T intersection (with Andrews Road) where you have to turn either left or right. Park here next to the intersection.

Start/Finish Location:

There is a mid-size tree with dark bark and “3” painted on it right next to the intersection.

This is the start/finish point.

A path with trees on the side of a dirt field

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Both are out & back courses

From the tree head south on the main track/Andrews Road, away from Maiden Gully.

The big house in the paddock should be on your left as you set out.

At the 700m point ignore smaller tracks going straight on & veer right on the main track up the hill.

Continue up the hill which is ‘moderately steep’ & rutted…..

At the very top of the hill is the 2km point. Biffin Track which is smaller comes in from the right.

When you get to the Biffin Track sign THIS IS THE 4k TURNAROUND

Continue on for the 10k.

You are now going downhill.

At about the 3k mark Bullock track comes in from the left and after about 50m you veer right along Bullock Track.

There should be Hazeldenes Sheds in the paddock on your left & forest on your right.

The track is flatter & smoother the next 2km.

Keep an eye on your watch.

At the turnaround point (5km) there is a dead stump about a metre high, next to the track, with rocks stacked on it.

Almost opposite this is a big old dead stump about 1metre diameter.

When you get to the stumps turn around and head back to the start point.


The 1km course is an out-and-back course:

From the start/finish point head south on Andrews Road

At the 500m turnaround there is a small cairn of stones & sticks next to the left hand side of the track.

Turn around here and head back to start.