Club Run #4 – Rifle Range Rattle 7.9km, 1km, 3.4km, 500m

Mel Douglass

This weekend, Saturday 8th June our Club Run is Rifle Range Rattle, please note this is NOT near the Rifle Range in East Bendigo but is near the Commonwealth Govt land (Army Barracks) in Junortoun. From Bendigo, travel East along McIvor Highway, turn left at Pope’s Road and follow the signs. See google maps and search for Wellsford Rd and Popes Track, Junortoun.

Courses are mostly flat. The 7.9km event will start at 2pm sharp, at the conclusion of this event (around 3pm) the 1km event will be on, followed by the 3.4km event and the 500m untimed dash for the little ones. Please arrive early to register at around 1:30pm if running in the 7.9km, and around 2.30pm for the shorter events. Knowing what your leg tag number is will help save time with registering too.

There are a couple of residences located around the course, so please me mindful that there may be a small amount of traffic in the area.

Afternoon tea will be on again as usual. I ask that you bring a plate of afternoon tea to share and a thermo of hot water. Renelle has kindly volunteered to be on Milk duty this week and will bring the milk. Thank you Renelle.

Course markers are Nigel Preston and Andrew Creer (so the Prez tells me!) Thank you gentlemen!

See you all there.