AV XCR 19 – Round 1 Jells Park Relays

Mel Douglass

Good luck to our UNI / Bendigo Region Athletes competing in Athletics Victoria XCR Round 1 – Jells Park Relays. The teams are listed below:

Div 2: Andy Buchanan, Archie Reid, Brady Threlfall, Kye Jenkyn, Nathan Meade and Stephen van Rees.

Div 5: Ben Stolz, Luke Millard, Nigel Preston and Andrew Creer.

Div 7: Jim Russell, Jayson Carter (AV Debut), Darren Hartland (possible AV Debut) and Tony Langdon.

Anne Buckley and Debbie Kirn are flying the flag for the Bendigo Region ladies, but unfortunately not enough of us were available to field a Div 5 ladies team. Maybe next time.

Hope Melbourne weather is kind to you all and I will post an update with the results over the weekend.