Madison Weekend

Andrew Creer

Tonight 8 intrepid BUAC 1500m athletes will be dreaming of the Tom Flood Sports Centre and their part in tomorrow evenings annual staging of the Richard Kitt 1500m memorial handicap at 6pm.
Ross Douglas, Andy Buchanan, Kye Jenkyn, Jazlin Fear, Tanner Fear, Maxi Rowe, Craig Green and the evergreen Russ Jenkins will line up on the grass against 14 other local distance runners.
Backmarker Andy will be giving front markers Garnet Rodda and Hunter Gill 2 and a half minutes head start.
There will be a host of fascinating races within a race. Ross vs Leigh Browell vs Aaron Norton. Jazlin vs Tanner. Andy vs Kye. Hunter vs Garnet. Max vs Harrison Boyd.
BUAC TV will have a livestream on BUAC Facebook for those out of town. Otherwise the rest of us should get on down there – the picture cannot do justice to the complexity of a handicap 1500m.

The field & their handicaps:

  • 0 Garnet Rodda
  • 10 Hunter Gill
  • 25 Kevin Shanahan
  • 27 Jazlin Fear
  • 34 Anne Buckley
  • 36 Ross Douglas
  • 58 Tanner Fear Uni
  • 1.00 Leigh Browell
  • 1.02 Anna De Vrieze
  • 1.12 Harrison Boyd
  • 1.20 Max Rowe
  • 1.22 Craig Green
  • 1.25 Peter Cowell
  • 1.27 Aaron Norton
  • 1.30 Tarryn Furletti
  • 1.30 Zackery Tickell
  • 1.32 Greg Hilson
  • 1.35 Russell Jenkins
  • 1.45 Logan Tickell
  • 1.48 Jackson Eadon
  • 2.15 Kye Jenkyn
  • 2.38 Andy Buchanan.

BUAC Update’s Hot Tip (kiss of death) – Zach Tickell

There will actually be a solid Saturday afternoon of sprinting and middle distance athletics events with Ross Douglas and Jorja Vandenburg fronting up in the Sally Conroy memorial 200m heats at about 4pm.

2 more weeks of non-AV days at the track.
Next Saturday 16-3 also includes the 4×1500 relays (expect the President to be on BUAC FB about this although I suspect we could be a bit relayed out after the 800’s the other week
The following & final week 23-3 includes a mile event. On Fresh FM on Monday night I did hear Andy enquire about the new mile record system and say that he would be running in this event.

BUAC Welcome to Cross Country Family Fun Day Sunday 7th April 11am – 3pm at the track
A new initiative for this season.
BBQ, huge jumping castle (big enough for teens), tug of war and other novelty events.
Pre-season opportunity to socialise, pay your membership and get your merch issues sorted.
More on BUAC FB. This day can be whatever we make it if there are ideas out there please get in touch with Andrea or Ross (ie: pole vaulting & novelty mile events anyone?)

Well done
To Alan (3hrs:50) & Jenny Buchanan (4hrs:14) who ticked off the Tokyo marathon in chilly weather and fine style last weekend.

Good luck
to Rik McCaig with the Madison carnival and the Tom Flood stadium lighting this weekend…