Winter Season Planning

Andrew Creer

The committee met on Tuesday night and thrashed out a plan for this year.
We will start on May 4 (avoiding the heat of the early runs last year) and go right through 18 weekends until August 31.

This will give us 12 club runs, the 4 club invites and the 2 Aths Bendigo runs (Keith Huddle & Glenn Allen). Exact schedule has to be worked out at a joint meeting of all clubs and Aths Bendigo. It is our turn to have the last Invite. First event will be College Clash starting at Victory School end and will be 6km with a lightly longer leg to the turn around on Cairn Road.

Weekends 19 and 20 (September 7 & 14) will be the half marathon day and the mystery run (not sure if the order is decided yet) with the Presentation tentatively pencilled in as a Sunday afternoon/early evening event on September 15.

Trivia Night

Trivia night seems to be a goer again although a date not decided yet.
We will have an end of summer/start of winter novelty day on April 6 or 7 with a bbq and all merchandise to buy. Probably at the track. Talk is of some kids events and a novelty mile feature event..

Resting Runs

Last year we started earlier and did 15 club runs. The 3 runs not being done this year are Piepers Plunder, Junorton Jog and Reservoir Ramble. ‘Going forward’ the thinking is maybe create a single course in the Wildflower Drive area combining elements of all 3 courses there (Plunder, Jog, Clash) and avoiding roads & some new fences.

Race Helpers

When the calendar dates are settled the plan is to set-up a ‘race helper’ roster of a volunteer or volunteers for each of the 12 club days. Jenny & Justin Lee are taking over timing duties from Andrea and the plan is that whilst they care for and set-up the equipment the race helper will input names and marshall starters.

Handicap Policy

The handicapping policy was decided to keep all handicaps the same as the end of last year and then look at those runners well behind their 2018 pace after a couple of runs if a lift in pace rate is required.

Club Membership Portal

BUAC Eventbrite registration portal is open for 2019 BUAC rego.
The committee decided not to waive/rebate club membership fees for AV registered adults, will continue to do so for student members. Membership fees are unchanged from last year ($100 family, $50 adults, $20 students) and we remain the best value club in town.
For the AV crowd don’t forget the 2019 AV membership year starts on April 1.
Little Aths registered kids should be able to use their current summer membership to dual register with AV after April 1 for free to do winter AV XCR events in Melbourne.

Other Stuff

Tuesday night Feb 26 is a combined Little Aths / Senior aths fun night with combined handicapped events and the annual Aths Bendigo 4 x 800 relays. This was good fun last year.
Saturday March 16 is a non-AV shield track day and will have the AB 4 x 1500m relays as well.

Sun 28 April O’Keefe Rail Trail Festival.