Athletics Victoria XCR 10km Road Championships at Albert Park Lake

Mel Douglass

Congratulations to all our BUAC and locals runners who represented the Bendigo Region at Albert Park yesterday. Condtions were cold with clear skies and the wind picking up across Albert Park Lake on the second lap. UNI results below. There is also a link below to Craig Greens full race wrap on the Athletics Bendigo Webpage with all the indiviual and team achievements.

Andrew Creer.38.24
David Heislers.39.52 PB
Matt Heislers.36.55
Luke Millard.39.38
Nigel Preston.33.21
Ben Stolz.37.01
Staphen van Rees.34.49
Melissa Douglas.45.39
Julie Marr.51.17.PB
Glen McMillan.36.19
Matt Schepisi.34.50
Brian Watson.36.50 PB