Update – Allan East

Andrew Creer

BUAC club run this weekend is the ‘Ham Street Hustle. Usual start times apply (2pm for the Long Course -7.05km), about 3pm the 1k and shortly after that the 3k. Course markers this week are run designers Andrew Creer and Craig Feuerherdt. For new members the start/finish area is at the Bendigo Mining Carpark in Ham Street Kangaroo Flat next to the high voltage powerlines. Unfortunate scheduling by the committee with UTA next week several of BUAC’s keenest trailrunners doing UTA will be unlikely to risk injury at what is BUAC’s most trailrun-like course (ie: hilly with no long flat bits). Timing will be different next year.

Crusoe Recap

Glorious conditions at Crusoe for the flat & fast Crusade with the merest light zephyr, cool temps and cloudless skies which saw a number of the frontmarkers feature prominently in the early placings in the long course. Apart from several new runners and families the biggest highlight was Ross “I know where the 1K turnaround is” Douglas turning the 1k event into a 1.4k. Get well wishes to Gavin Fiedler so he can resume his role as the 1km & 3km turnaround co-ordinator.

AV XCR Bacchus Marsh

Well done to all the BUAC members who ran AV XCR at Bacchus Marsh last weekend with the Bendigo teams topping their divisions again. If anyone is interested in having a go probably the best one is coming up on May 26 at Cruden Farm on Mornington Peninsula. Craig Green will likely be driving a bus for AB. Anyone can have a go at these, to potentially earn points for Bendigo you have to AV register.

Andy Buchanan

Notably Andy Buchanan did not compete last week saving himself for his 1st official trail run, the NailCan Hill event at Albury on Sunday where he got pipped for the win.

Orienteering Overlap

Craig Feuerherdt reports the Bendigo orienteering event this weekend is being held right opposite the Ham Street Hustle – https://eventor.orienteering.asn.au/Events/Show/6256?mc_cid=c502427d10&mc_eid=[UNIQID] There will be some Park & Street style courses available ie: using the phone app like during the summer months hence there may be an opportunity to tackle one of these also. Craig can talk more about it at 2pm on Saturday.

Serra Terror

A Bendigo local is looking for 2 runners to join a team for the Serra Terror run in Dunkeld held on the June long weekend. The event is run over two days and totals 80kms held in the picturesque town of Dunkeld. “While we will be giving it a good go, we are also looking to enjoy the weekend. If you would like more information or think you would be interested, please contact Trav Colley on 0400 192 082”. Trav is probably going to come along to a BUAC run in the meantime so please make him welcome.

11 Questions Allan East

  1. Where were you born? Brighton Victoria
  2. What schools did you go to? Hughesdale Primary, Murrumbeena High, Ballarat CAE
  3. Favourite food? Lamb Roast , Spagetti
  4. Favourite film? None of note, Like a good “who dun it” on the ABC
  5. Do you listen to music/podcast when you run? No, Just get lost in the tranquillity of the bush
  6. Preferred running shoes? Used Nike’s for years, recently changed to ASICs
  7. How many pairs of running shoes are you currently using? 2pair for running, 2 pair for walking and general stuff
  8. Which watch do you use and why? Got an old Casio to tell me when I’m late
  9. Favourite event you have done? City 3 Surf
  10. Have you always been a runner or what got you started? Started in my thirties (TOO FAT!!) and just kept going
  11. Describe your current weekly training plan. Two runs (7K) a week plus Saturday. Will crank up to 3 as C2S draws near