Update – Adia Escall

David Lonsdale

BUAC is back this weekend with the Landry Lope.
For new members to get there head west out Lockwood Road from Kangaroo Flat over the top of the hill and about 3km down the hill you will see us on the right hand (northern) side.
If you google Landry Track you will see where it connects with Lockwood Road.

6.9k Long Course has about 1.5km of uphill bushy technical, 2-3 of mostly downhill & flat dirt road and about 2km of dirt road with a few ‘small’ hills at the end. 3k course is a doozy BTW.
Ben McDermid & Justin Lee are course markers.

Usual start times apply: ie: 2pm for the Long Course and a bit after 3 for the 3km & 1km.

Other stuff

  1. Great work everyone who ran or cheered at the Dragon Mile last Sunday. Results
  2. Ross McPhee & Simon Austin set out on the Downunder 135 (135 miles) this morning. Both had about 40km done by 6pm tonight (Friday). Live tracking link here: https://trackme.kiwi/event/unlistedview/748/631741?mc_cid=8cb6fc6b24&mc_eid=[UNIQID]
    or the link is toward the bottom of the Downunder 135 webpage.
  3. Interesting blurb from Greeny all about AV XCR here: https://www.athleticsbendigo.org.au/single-post/2018/04/05/Huge-results-anticipated-of-the-Bendigo-Region-in-AV-XCR-2018?mc_cid=8cb6fc6b24&mc_eid=[UNIQID]

10 questions this week with Aida Escall

  1. Where were you born? – Manila, Philippines
  2. What schools did you go to? In Australia, St Josephs Primary School West Brunswick, St Aloysius College North Melbourne, Australian Catholic University, Melb
  3. Favourite food? G&Ts, chocolate peanut butter ice cream
  4. Favourite film? Tomb Raider (the one with Angelina Jolie)
  5. Do you listen to music/podcast when you run? Yes, music from ACDC to Hooked on Classics and only on solo runs when I need to retreat to another world.
  6. Preferred running shoes? Hoka Challengers and Speedgoats
  7. Which watch do you use and why? Garmin 920XT that I bought second hand from Phil Shambrook. (and I’ve had many.. Garmin 220, 235, Fenix, TomToms, Suunto Ambit and even a Polar!) But I love the 920XT, it’s dependable and has a big watch face I can actually read.
  8. Favourite event you have done? I’ve been doing mainly trail events the last couple of years. Pretty much all events that I’ve done with the Gazelles and the Bendigo Runners bunch – it’s the camaraderie that makes it fun. But if I had to choose Two Bays ranks high.
  9. Have you always been a runner or what got you started? I started running in my early forties after reading a Couch to 5K article in the Good Weekend. I kept the article for years procastinating until one day I just got up and started running. Just like that.
  10. Describe your current weekly training plan. I treat myself to customised run to target training plans by Squadrun which is an online coaching service from New Zealand. Currently I’m on a plan to get me ready for the Wild Women Coastrek 60 even on May 25 that I’m doing with the Gazelle Trekkers. A normal week consists of a long run, a mid week shorter long run, a speed/interval/rep session and a hilly workout. I also do group PT sessions with Mel Wilkie!

Admin stuff

With any group, club or organisation as it grows and evolves things change. This, when managed well allows more enjoyment, more volunteerism and ultimately more growth and continued success. Recently there has been an increase in athletes who wish to run in more than 1 race on a Saturday. As a committee we fully encourage this. The more people on course the better, however it has presented an issue for handicaps where clarification and guidance are required from the committee.

Our amazing handicappers have and continue to dedicate countless (often thankless) hours to try and ensure your handicaps are as fair as possible to ensure you have every possibility of winning on any given Saturday that you choose to turn up and race. This season they have introduced some additional steps to try and even this up even more which you should notice as the season progresses.

When a participant starts earlier than their scheduled start time (which is based on your handicap) this creates (unnecessary) additional work for our handicappers and can confuse participants who are racing, in the same way that a new runner can with their first run i.e. runner ahead who you don’t need to catch. Therefore, if you wish to run, recover, stroll or walk, but not race we ask that you do so without your leg tag, and that you start early enough to not delay the start of any following races. Please work with the race starter to do this smoothly, keeping in mind you may need to start off 0:00.


  • April 14 BUAC Club Run Rifle Range Rattle
  • April 21 O’Keefe Rail Trail Marathon Festival & Jells Park AV XCR Rd 1
  • April 28 South Bendigo AC Invite – McDonald Cup Round 1
  • May 5 BUAC Club Run Crusoe Crusade & St Annes Vineyard AV XCR Rd 2
  • May 12 BUAC Club Run Ham St Hustle
  • May 19 Great Ocean Road Marathon & UTA Blue Mountains
  • May 26 BUAC Club Run Reservoir Ramble & Cruden Farm AV XCR Rd 3
  • June 9 Queens Birthday Weekend – no club run – Run Forrest.