Update – Shayne Rushan

David Lonsdale

No BUAC running this week. It’s easter. Take it easy. Parkrun is always on.

Don’t forget about going to the Dragon Mile if you’re in town. 11am Sunday morning in Pall Mall. For those who haven’t been before it’s quite a big deal with a big crowd. Collis Birmingham & Jack Rayner have won it. Andy Buchanan has won it twice.

Other stuff this week Ross McPhee & Simon Austin are apparently setting out on the Downunder 135 next Friday morning from Bachus Marsh to Daylesford and back, through the bush (135 miles). There is sure to be live tracking available. Good luck from all of us for one of the toughest events you can do.

10 questions this week with Shayne Rushan

  1. I was born in Melbourne and was brought up in Brunswick.
  2. I went to Brunswick South West Primary, Northcote High School and Melbourne University where I majored in Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  3. I’m not sure that I have a favourite food. I love lasagne (both meat and vegie), medium rare eye fillet or porterhouse and salmon slightly pink in the middle and of course a lamb roast.
  4. I don’t really have a favourite film either but I do have a favourite live performance. My serious answer would be Phantom of the Opera. However, I can’t help thinking that my real favourite was the performance by the Mighty Demons when they won the premiership in 1964. I was 13 at the time and barracked in the stands of the MCG. I’ve heard that the show will be repeated within the next couple of years!
  5. I don’t listen to any music when I run.
  6. My preferred running shoes are Nike Zoom Pegasus.
  7. I wear a Garmin watch which I’ve had for quite a number of years and works on most occasions!
  8. My favourite event was my first half marathon at Run Melbourne in 2012. I was also pretty stoked to complete my first ever marathon at Shepparton in 2016 at the tender age of 65.
  9. I loved most sports, especially football. However, I was never a runner. In my 20’s I would get a stich if I ran any further than two laps of an oval. I moved (with my wife and three children) to Bendigo in 1995 and a few yew years later the Buchanans lured me the BUAC.
  10. At the moment I run about three times a week which includes a club run, a 5-8km run with hills and a longer run, currently 16.5km and building as I prepare for a final? Marathon in August at Shepparton. How many hot cross buns are you going to eat this weekend? A standard, 27 per cent fruit hot cross bun from Coles contains 1102 kilojoules. This is only slightly less than a McDonald’s cheeseburger, which has 1180 kilojoules (along with a much higher fat content but lower sugar). It would take an 80-kilogram person about half an hour of jogging to burn off one bun, however, that’s provided you eat the bun without butter.