UNI Results 2018 Victorian Country Track and Field Championship Ballarat

Mel Douglass

PERFORMANCES AT 2018 VICTORIAN COUNTRY TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS @ BALLARAT – all results of meet may be found at http://athsvic.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2018-Country-Full-Results.pdf.

Hornets wrap

Before the individual results, Bendigo University finished 12th on the overall points tally with its best score and finish ever of 198.50 in the 19 country clubs that attended. The other Bendigo clubs finished 1,2 and 3 with Eaglehawk taking the leading club in country Victoria trophy home, Bendigo Harriers 2nd and South Bendigo 3rd.

In the overall men’s point tally we finished in a best ever 9th place, while in the women we finished in 15th place.

A highlight of the event being the Men’s 50+ Men’s team of Ross Douglas, Craig Green, David Heislers and Mike Bieleny scoring the most points to win the 50+ Men’s age group. It was not all roses though with Iron Mike Bieleny in the last event doing a hammy just before the final baton change in the 4x100m. The baton hitting the ground and then a mad scramble to pick the baton off the ground by the Craig the Green Hornet who took off and again with the team still far too good for the Harriers and Eaglehawk.

The interesting antidote to the story of Mike and his hammy, was that with the ice from first aid and a rub down on Chooky Major’s massage table we could not save him. It cost Uni another relay gold in the 4x400m when the team was withdrawn and Mike had to be put down. Mike was then placed in the Uni casket (before known as the Uni trailer we see at cross country) and wheeled off by his 3 relay team mates who were visually in an emotional state before stunned onlookers. In a scene though reminiscent of Harold Bishop from TV show Neighbours coming back to life after drowning for 3 years in the open sea, Mike has risen again and we hope he has a speedy recovery.

It was not the only medical incident of the event. Craig Green decided to do a risk assessment on the first aid response time after a dizzy spell at the end of the 1500 metres. They failed getting there after about 2 minutes while stationed 30 metres away. The Green Hornet hoping for mouth to mouth from a good looking young first aid graduate soon was able to get to his feet after realising no beauty queen was coming to his aid.

A couple of incidents may also need to be assessed by the club committee. We saw gold shorts a week ago in an official aths meet with the Bendigo University uniform. During the 5km newish member Nigel Preston competed in University coloured orange socks. It compared to other athletes wearing bright lime green and florescent pink below the knee stockings at the meet. Nigel may need to answer some questions from the club fashion police.

Off the track the Douglas kids were busy catching the wildlife around the Ballarat track. Lizards were no match as the kids who used a home made bug catcher to catch the unfortunate reptiles. They were handled, prodded, licked, kissed and examined in scenes not seen since Steve Erwin was still alive.

Seriously though, thank you to everyone that has assisted the Uni track and field effort on the weekend. We also had to officiate as well and the weather for Ballarat was unusually very hot. The effort all season on a ever growing track and field contingent has been brilliant. It just shows what a fantastic well rounded club Uni is of track and field athletes, recreational runners, cross country runners, trail runners and ultra marathoners.

Congratulations also to Eaglehawk for winning the overall best club points total and also female team. Also to the Bendigo Harriers who won best male team for their points total.

From the Prez

A moment in history, UNI’s first ever womens relay team ever to compete at a Country Championship Event (Jorja, Mel, Claire and Montanna), had a good run in an extremely competitive field, finishing only 2 seconds slower than our Gold Medal winning “Mean Machine”.

Anthony Messerle showed the open men who is boss in the Open Men’s Discus and Javelin bring home two gold medals.

Even though all Bendigo Clubs were competing against each other, the team and community spirit was just amazing with sharing of official duties, helping out, combined BBQ’s, shared accommodation, assisting with keeping an eye on small children and the support crew on the 200m bend was just the best for those running around the track, or throwing Javelin’s and shotputs! You know the combined club spirit us good when your a UNI runner with a Harrier as your lap counter and then you line up at Eaglehawk’s massage tent before your next event!

The small kids from different club were kept busy in the shade and getting grubby finding bugs and lizards. I am sure UNI won the award for finding the most lizards!

Thank you to the Creer Family, McCaig Family, The Mauds, Andy Buchanan and all others who made a special trip over to support those competing.

Well done to everyone and huge thanks to the club members and AV officials who volunteered their time to help out. Congratulations to everyone who participated and had a go in Uni colours.



  • Anthony Messerle, Open Men Discus, 1st, 38.18
  • Anthony Messerle, Open Men Javelin, 1st, 47.57
  • Craig Green, 50+ Men 800m, 1st, 2:20.27
  • Craig Green, 50+ Men 3000m, 1st, 10:21.67
  • Mike Bieleny, 50+ Men 1500m, 1st, 4:45.13
  • Melissa Douglas, 40+ Women 10,000m, 1st, 47:09.61
  • 50+ Men’s 4x100m relay (R.Douglas,D.Heislers,M.Bieleny,C.Green), 1st, 1:00.82


  • Melissa Douglas, 40+ Women 800m, 2nd, 2:55.95
  • David Heislers, 50+ Men 800m, 2nd, 2:24.20
  • Craig Green, 50+ Men 1500m, 2nd, 4:51.62


  • Melissa Douglas, 40+ Women 1500m, 3rd, 5:55.42
  • Kye Jenkyn, Open Men, 1500m, 3rd, 4:21.25
  • Ross Douglas 50+ Men Long Jump, 3rd, 3.99m
  • Ross Douglas 50+ Men Javelin, 3rd, 24.19m

Other great performances:

  • Jorja Van Den Berg, U16 Girls Triple Jump, 4th, 9.55m
  • Jorja Van Den Berg, U16 Girls 200m, 8th, 28.26
  • Montanna Maud, U16 Girls 200m, 10th, 28.98
  • Montanna Maud, U16 Girls Tripple Jump, 7th, 9.52m
  • Clare McClenaghan, Open Women Javelin, 5th, 26.94m
  • Wil McCaig, U18 Boys 1500m, 5th, 4:23.14
  • Kye Jenkyn, Open Men 5000m, 5th, 16:03.73
  • Matthew Heislers, Open Men 5000m, 6th, 16:13.92
  • Nigel Preston, Open Men 5000m,7th, 16:16.76
  • Leigh McCullagh, Open Men 5000m, 12th, 17:00.52
  • Ross Douglas, 50+ Men 100m, 4th, 14.17
  • Ross Douglas, 50+ Men 200m, 4th, 29.47
  • Ross Douglas, 50+ Men 400m, 4th, 1:06.82
  • Ross Douglas 50+ Men, 800, 7th, 2:39.99
  • David Heislers, 50+ Men 400m, 8th, 1:10.93
  • David Heislers, 50+ Men 1500m, 5th, 5:22.64
  • David Heislers, 50+ Men 3000m, 6th, 1:15.35
  • Open Women’s 4x100m relay (J.VanDenBerg,M.Douglas,C.McClenaghan,M.Maud), 9th, 1:02.90